In one sentence

We are a creative agency extremely confident that good ideas generate significant change.

To be more precise

We craft creative strategies, digital products, and campaigns for organizations, innovative companies, and visionary people.

Humans involved
We strive for accessibility
Creative areas
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Our clients

What we believe in

We stand for diversity.

We believe diversity — backgrounds, opinions and experiences — is an essential ingredient to any successful project.

A different idea of company.

The term ‘Company’ has never meant to suggest balance sheets and constant drive for growth. It derives from the French compagnie, meaning ‘society,’ ‘friendship,’ ‘intimacy.’ It is time to look at new ways of creating business and defining value.

Long-term thinking.

We think intensely about the impact of what we do today on tomorrow’s world. We believe and understand that everyone has the potential to act and do it now. It is all about activism and optimism.

Everyone is creative.

Someone said that to change the world, you first have to imagine a better one. Isn’t it a matter of imagination and creativity? Whether it is fairer, more equal, or sustainable, we believe that everyone has the power to shape a better future.

The power of dialogue.

In talking to our clients, we make a sincere effort to understand the challenges they are facing. And we are not afraid to ask challenging questions.

How we work

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We put a smile on your project.

Sometimes it is hard to communicate critical issues in an easy way. ‘Important’ can be ‘huge’ and looks as complicated as your Excel Sheets…

‘Fun’ and ‘work’ rarely meet in the same sentence. Well, Studio Super Santos operates at the intersection of these two terms. Keeping a curious and playful attitude is vital when it comes to generating a positive impact on everyday life.

Every game needs a goal. For us, having a positive impact isn’t a happy accident – it’s at the very heart of everything we do.

Why we do it

To gain empathy and understanding of complex challenges.

Human rights
Mental health
Third sector
Who we are

Your next creative teams.

We know the plural may look like a typo. Still, that’s exactly what lets us stick out. Thanks to the diverse skills of our international network – from designers to engineers, to researchers, and more - we are able to craft the right team specially tailored for your project.

How? We just wear our best apron and mix the fitting approach and expertise to create the tastiest blend to develop your idea.