Physical and cultural barriers hinder the disruptive flow of an idea.
We don’t stand for that! Accessibility is a human right, and it concerns us all. That’s why we consider it as an essential value, and our methodology takes it into account at all stages of the process, from conception to delivery.

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What we’ll cover

Overcoming language and cultural barriers

In our globalized world, being able to spread content in different languages is a key strength. That is why we have made multilingualism and multiculturalism our core values.

  • Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Voiceover
  • Localization
  • Multilingual Content Creation and Editing
  • And more…

Overcoming physical impairments

Accessibility benefits the whole of society. This is what the EESC stated in 2014, and it faithfully mirrors what encourages us to offer services boosting this concept. Accessibility is a human right, and we have a duty to uphold it.

  • Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing
  • Audio Description
  • Design for Dyslexic People
  • Accessible Design
  • Website Accessibility for visually impaired people
  • Audiovisual Media Accessibility
  • And more…

We speak EU

We can translate in all the 26 languages in Europe, just let us know your requirements and we will activate our professional network to make it happen.

Looking for an example?

Check out how we managed to orchestrate 16+ organizations spreaded in 12 EU Countries during the content creation
of the educational web platform
‘8 Steps to be a Changemaker’.

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