Ongoing Support

Relationships get stronger with time. We partner with your team for the long-haul so your impact has legs, and your investment pays off. The more we get to know your organization’s work and internal collaboration style, the more effective we will be in producing high-quality outcomes for you on a regular basis.

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What we’ll cover

Website Maintenance

Digital products are like ecosystems. They should adapt to changes in technology, best practices, or user base. A post-launch retainer phase for your website design, content updates, and functionality improvements will extend the life of your website.

Studio Super Santos offers ongoing security, software updates, and bug fixes. Think of it as an insurance plan for your digital product.

Creative Retainers

Make us your in-house communication team to create and maintain material as your design and content needs evolve over time. A beautiful visual brand identity (or any creative investment) will only have an impact if you put it to work for you across your organization.

A creative retainer gives you a custom package of hours to use for new design and content creation as needed. For us, good design doesn’t mean following today’s trends but keeping thinking of what’s next.