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Amnesty IT enters in the schools
A serie of educational tools to teach Human Rights to kids

Amnesty IT enters in the schools

Human rights
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The Amnesty Kids project, promoted by the Education and Training Office of Amnesty International Italy, is aimed at teachers, pupils and students in the second cycle of primary and secondary school who wish to explore together the role of rights in the life of every person, making a concrete commitment to defend them.
The issues addressed each year by the project Amnesty Kids are fully in line with the guidelines for the teaching of Civic Education of the Ministry of Education and can provide teachers with valuable support in teaching the new subject.

The challenge

Amnesty Kids aims to provide teachers with some useful tools for a comprehensive approach to global approach to human rights within the school context and carry out educational activities that help students to:

-> acquire the basic concepts related to rights and understand their importance for their lives and for the lives of others for the lives of others;

-> know the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent and adolescent rights, the most important international documents on human rights and children's rights;

-> use human rights as a framework for critically exploring the reality that surrounds them; and that surrounds them;

-> develop the principle of active citizenship, stimulating participation that is oriented towards the promotion and defense of the dignity of the child.

Amnesty Kids aims to provide teachers with some useful tools for a comprehensive approach to global approach to human rights within the schools.

The Solution

The Amnesty Kids project is an educational path that is developed in two editorial artifacts of about 70 pages each. The Amnesty Kids Teacher's Guide is dedicated to teachers and is an essential tool to guide young students in understanding the social issues of today's world. The Amnesty Kids workbook is aimed at students and is structured in a simple and dynamic way thanks to a large number of games and activities that help children to learn complex concepts in a simple and stimulating way.

The illustrative component plays a key role in the entire learning process. In fact, each issue of Amnesty Kids sees the involvement of a different illustrator who each year customizes the educational path with his or her own style and makes the final project vibrant and unique. Every year Studio Santos draws from its network and chooses the most suitable illustrator to convey the educational campaign promoted by Amnesty International every year.

How we organised it

Studio Super Santos has been supporting Amnesty International Italia for its educational journey since 2017, and during this period of collaboration it has always followed a pattern of work that has proven successful over the years.

Studio Super Santos has designed a dynamic layout grid and on this basis all the Amnesty Education Paths of the last years have been formatted.

In 2017, many meetings and workshops were held with Amnesty International Italia to identify which medium was best suited to meet the needs of such an important client. At the end of this cycle of discussions, we chose to create two editorial projects and to use illustration as a fundamental element to engage without boring a young and attentive audience.

We collaborated with:
Davide Bart Salvemini, Marco Brancato, Veronica Malatesta, Marta Cubeddu.

The impact

Editions of Amnesty Kids
Copies of the guide printed each year
Students reached each year

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