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Start The Change brand identity
for the Development Goals of the United Nations

Start The Change brand identity

United Nations
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Start The Change is a joint contribution towards the goals of the United Nations. A replicable educational model aiming to make the bond of schools, organizations and local authorities stronger and more impactful on our future.

The Challenge

Help Start The Change to spread awareness over the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and activate educators, organizations and young adults to take part in multiple initiatives.

The outcome

The whole brand identity of the project and a replicable design system to be spread and implemented over 12 European Countries.
Start the change is a project co-funded by the European Commission aimed to raise European citizens’ awareness of the importance of a joint effort to contribute to ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and prosperity for all, as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

We designed a replicable design system to be spreaded and implemented over 12 European Countries.

Start the Change aims to:

–> propose a replicable educational model to increase the engagement of students and young people within their communities;

–> give to young people tools to face contemporary world challenges and to actively engage themselves on migration and development issues, starting from their practical experiences;

–> strengthen networks among schools, organisations and local authorities.

Realised in collaboration with teachers and educators, the project has strengthened the network between schools, civil society organizations and local authorities.

Start the Change has implemented an innovative educational model in order to increase the involvement of young people within their communities.

Studio Super Santos has been involved since the very beginning - in 2017 - when the project needed a full on brand identity. The usage of arrows, flows and directions, are some of the key points for Start The Change and for the effectiveness of its brand identity. An identity that has to be global, bold, sharp and recognizable. An identity that has to convey the main values of the project. The idea of a flexible logotype and alterations to the typographic characters, came up to express the concept of “changing direction” and gave to the brand a touch of uniqueness.

In addition to the brand guidelines for the application of the identity on communication materials, Studio Super Santos created a series of open templates in order to allow all the partners to generate institutional and communication materials in an efficient and independent way. These layouts have guaranteed the uniformity of the project through the different countries in terms of communication and facilitated the production of all the materials.

During the 3 years of duration of the project, Studio Super Santos supported Start The Change in the creation of all the communication materials, both online and offline, while offering a creative strategy consultancy. The collaboration had lead to the creation of the official website, manual for teachers and educators, toolkits of resources, merchandise materials and a final guide of the good practices collected from 2017 and 2020 called 8 steps to be a changemaker.

The impact

teachers and educators involved
young people involved
partners in Europe

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